Your Turn-Key Agent Workforce Solution

Turn-Key Agent Workforce Program

Businesses recognize the need for outsourcing inbound and outbound call center solutions to Mexico.  However, the cost, time, and effort of building a new infrastructure, understanding new laws, hiring, training, etc… can turn all the benefits of nearshore outsourcing into detriments.

What if you could have all the benefits of nearshore outsourcing without having to have your own physical presence in Mexico?

Our Turn-Key Agent Workforce Program will allow you to capitalize on all the advantages of nearshore outsourcing in Mexico with minimal capital investment and without the legal exposure! You have complete control of everything, but CES is responsible financially & legally for all Mexican employees, taxes, compliance, regulations, and infrastructure.

benefits of turn-key agent workforce program

Turn-Key Agent Workforce Program

Why go through the trouble of building a Call Center in Mexico with all the legal, administrative, managerial, infrastructure, and regulatory headaches when you can use our Turn-key Agent Workforce Program instead? Our team will administer the operations within our existing infrastructure utilizing our existing administrative personnel. CES is legally responsible for all Mexican regulations, taxes, & employees! Take advantage of all the cost saving benefits of establishing a Call Center in Mexico without all the legal headaches & capital expenditures. Contact us today to learn how quick, simple, and inexpensive it is to work with us.

Services Included In Our Turn-Key Agent Workforce Program

  • Agent Recruitment, Screening, Hiring, & Training
  • Agent Salaries, Benefits, & Taxes
  • Agent Training
  • Agent Supervision
  • All Human Resource Functions
  • Accounting, Corp Taxes, & Payroll Processing
  • Onsite Management Team
  • Onsite IT Department
  • Internet
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Desktop, Cubicles, and Chairs
  • Facility, Rent, Maintenance, & Utilities
  • VOIP Phones
Competitive Rates Starting At $12/Hr

FAQs About The CES Turn-Key Agent Workforce Program

Our End-To-End Agent Workforce Solution is a Winner for businesses looking for nearshore outsourcing opportunities! CES supplies the existing infrastructure, assumes legal liability in Mexico, and oversees all aspects of YOUR employees, which greatly reduce your capital expenditures and learning curves.

  • Is This for Inbound or Outbound?

    This program is for both inbound and/or outbound campaigns.

  • Are These Your Employees or My Employees?

    These are YOUR employees.  You are utilizing our existing infrastructure to reduce overhead costs.

  • How Much Is This?

    You pay us an hourly wage starting as low as $12/hr for each employee and management team.

  • What Is Your Turn-Key Program?

    Simply put, instead of building your own call center from scratch, hiring, training, etc…, you use our existing infrastructure for your employees.  CES is responsible for following all Mexican laws regarding employment ...

Why Customer Engagement Services?

CES offers a wide range of high quality inbound & outbound call center solutions at a fraction of the cost of trying to do it ALL yourself. Our agents are fully bilingual, bi-cultural, well educated and highly skilled. No matter what industry you're in, our people are trained to truly understand and speak on behalf of your brand. Contact us today to find out how utilizing the services of a nearshore inbound call center can help your business grow!

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