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To stay competitive, businesses need access to a first-rate inbound call center with state-of-the-art technology and highly-trained agents – like Customer Engagement Services!

CES is a nearshore call center with multiple facilities in Mexico that will allow you to cut costs, improve your customer service, and boost your ROI.

Our agents are fully bilingual, bi-cultural, well educated and highly skilled in multiple industries, including Medical / Healthcare, Emergency Services, College / Education,  Insurance, and other Business Process Outsourcing needs.   

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Customer Engagement Services Back Office Support

Top Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

Let Customer Engagement Services (CES) be YOUR Voice! CES offers a wide range of high quality inbound call center solutions at a fraction of the costs of trying to do it yourself. No matter what industry you're in, our highly skilled people are trained to truly understand and speak on behalf of your brand. Some of our inbound call center services include: Customer Service, Technical Support / Help Desk, Virtual Receptionist Services, Call Overflow Solutions, Dispatch Services, Order Processing, Customer Loyalty Programs, and more! CES is scalable, available (24/7 - 7 days a week), flexible, and able to adapt to your needs, whether your are a small 'mom & pop' shop or a Fortune 500 company.

Why Hire A Nearshore Inbound Call Center?

Customer Engagement Services Back Office Support
  • Multi-channel: phone, email, chat, & text support
  • Close in Proximity - Located in Mexico
  • No Employee Taxes, Insurance, Benefits, or Legal Obligations For You
  • Reduced Staffing Costs
  • Available 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week
  • Less Overhead Costs
  • Can Hire for Specific Skills Set
  • Abundance of High-Skilled Bilingual Workers
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Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services We Offer…

Virtual receptionist

Virtual Receptionist Services

At CES, our Virtual Receptionists can do more than just take live calls….

Our highly-trained, HIPPA Compliant, bi-lingual agents can monitor emails, offer live chat support, provide call screening & transferring services, appointment scheduling, lead generation, and more!

Business doesn’t stop at 5pm and our Virtual Receptionists have you covered 24 hours a day.

Let CES take care of your phone calls so you can take care of your business!

tech support

Tech Support / Help Desk

Your Customers don’t care where your Technical Support Call Center is located as long as they get their problems solved in a quick and professional manner.

Our outsourced technical support service provides your customers with top-notch assistance from our highly-skilled, bi-lingual, and bi-cultural tech support specialists.

We can help with inbound phone calls, email responses, and live chat support.  Whatever your tech support needs are, CES can help!

CES Inbound Call Center Customer Service

Inbound Customer Service

If your business requires friendly, professional, and well spoken customer service agents to communicate with your customers, then CES is at your service!

We work hard to understand your goals, your customer’s needs, and how we can provide them with the best solutions.

Many of our clients are in the Health Care, Insurance, Utility, and Dispatch fields or distribute products & provide services that require a special skill set for handling Customer Service calls.

Our team will work diligently to ensure your customers are provided with the most exceptional customer care and receive the maximum support they need.

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FAQs About Inbound Customer Service Call Centers

Your customers deserve the best service! Whether it is customer service inquiries or technical assistance or order entry support, we can help ensure that each and every one of your customers experience the very highest quality customer service. We also have the latest technology to make the work we do as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Our services include creating custom scripts for every campaign, and are able to create scripts for upsells, cross-sells, and savings too.

  • What Types of Inbound Call Center Services Do You Perform?

    Services Provided Include: Customer Service, Technical Support / Help Desk, Virtual Receptionist Services, Call Overflow Solutions, Dispatch Services, Order Processing, Customer Loyalty Programs, Warranty and Service, Reservations, Order Management and more! We can staff highly trained call center professionals to ...

  • Do You Only Perform Inbound Services?

    No, we perform other types of services as well, including outbound call center work (customer acquisition, appointment setting, lead generation, survey calls, etc…) as well as digital support (email, chat, and text), ...

  • How Much Are Your Services?

    It depends on what you require! However, given the advantages of our economies of scale, we can perform required tasks at a cost much less than it would take to hire on ...

  • What Types of Companies Do You Work With?

    We work with any size companies, from ‘mom & pop’ stores to emergency dispatch services to Fortune 500 companies.  We specialize in Health Care, Higher Education, Professional Services, Political / Fund Raising, ...

How We Perform Inbound Call Center Services

Dedicated Client Strategy - from the Executive Leadership Team to our Agents, our Dedication to Operational Excellence enhances our ability to deliver consistently strong performance levels to our clients.

Customer Engagement Services | How We Operate

Some Of The Types of Clients We Work With…

Did You Know We Also Perform BPO Services, Live Chat, Text, and Email Support?