Nearshore Outsourcing Services

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Inbound & Outbound Call Center Solutions

We can handle any size project, are available 24/7, and can scale to your inbound or outbound needs!

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Needs

Let Customer Engagement Services (CES) be YOUR Voice! CES offers a wide range of high quality inbound call center solutions at a fraction of the costs of trying to do it yourself. We are scalable, available (24/7 - 7 days a week), flexible, and able to adapt to your needs, whether your are a small 'mom & pop' shop, a franchise, or a Fortune 500 company.
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Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Needs

Your Customers Deserve the BEST... and we give it to you. Get high quality outbound telemarketing services support with significant savings to you! Whether you are looking for business to business services, business to community, or survey work, our professional, highly skilled agents will have a great impact on your sales & marketing needs.
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Turn-Key Agent Workforce Program

Our Turn-Key Agent Workforce Program will allow you to capitalize on all the advantages of nearshore outsourcing in Mexico with minimal capital investment and without the legal exposure! You have complete control of the everything, but CES is responsible financially & legally for all Mexican employees, taxes, compliance, regulations, and infrastructure.
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Don't Try To Do It All Yourself

Why Choose Customer Engagement Services

Our suite of services encompasses a broad range of solutions designed to be tailored to your individual needs.

Outsourced Digital Customer Service

Assist your customers in real time with a multichannel live web support contact center.
We offer full support and creative project design teams to help ensure you are able to effectively manage the digital customer engagement process, including chat response, text messaging, email management / response, & social media support.
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Business Process Outsourcing

Don't try to do it all yourself! Discover your options and all of the advantages that outsourcing to a Business Process Outsourcing call center offers. Let us manage your Business Process Outsourcing needs, like data entry, fulfillment, transcription services, and more... at a fraction of the cost without the operational headaches!
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Some Of The Types Of Clients We Service…

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